REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Pop Cap Games (Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled 3, Peggle and Bookworm)

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I have a new addiction. Plants vs. Zombies. If you have a computer gamer in your life, one of these games would make a great gift this season!

One of the earlier levels

Plants vs. ZombiesI must admit I thought this game sounded silly when I first heard of it but I agreed to try it. Boy am I glad I did, I LOVE it!  You plant the plants in your yard to defend your house against the zombies.  If the zombies get into your house, they eat your brains and the game is over. You start in your front yard with two plants. After each level, you get another plant and another type of zombie will start to come. Each plant does something different. e.g. Peashooter shoots peas, Wallnut acts as a temporary wall against zombies, Chomper eats a zombie whole. After Level 1-9 you progress to Level 2-0 where it’s night time and you must use mushrooms such as Puffshroom which shoots a purple puff and hypnoshroom which hypnotizes the zombie and makes it work for you. More suprises await you on furthur levels such as a pool and even the roof! There are mini games and challenges to unlock as well.

This is my second favourite of the games. It’s a type of strategy game in that you have to decide what to do as each turn affects your future turns. You shoot balls at a bunch of pegs (orange, blue, purple and green.) You must get rid of all the orange ones to complete the level before you run out of balls. The balls bounce off of each peg and you score points as you go. If you hit a purple peg you get a points boost and the green pegs do different things depending on which character you are playing with. You must complete all levels with a character before it introduces a new character. One you’ve unlocked levels and a character, you can play those levels with any character you want in a sort of practice mode. There are special bonues you can earn such as Long Shot (when you get one orange and then another orange right after that is far away.)

Bejeweled 3

I think most people might be familiar with Bejeweled. You get a block of jewels and you can switch any two that are adjacent to try to get three in a row. If you do, they disappear and the jewels in those rows move down to make room for more. You try to rack up the points and get special combos that are worth more points (such as 4 in a row or 5 in a row or special jewels.)

There is a whole challenge section that I have not tried yet but it looks like fun. Great for hand eye coordination! If you get stuck, try a hint which will flash the ones you can move. Sometimes after staring at the screen for a while your eyes just don’t see what’s right in front of you!


I’ve played different versions of this one before. You connect the letters to form words but the must be adjacent to each other and in the order of the words. You can only use each specific letter once. Make longer or rarer words for more points. Also sometimes you are given a specific word to try to make for points. Great for the word game lover.

I haven’t gotten that far yet so who knows if something else awaits me in later levels.


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