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The Mumoocie (pronounced MAH-MOO-SEE) is a body pillow with a unique design. It’s designed to mimic another body so that an adult, child or baby can cuddle up to it in a spooning position and feel like they are not sleeping alone.

Anyone can use it but it was designed with children moving from the family bed to their own bed or who otherwise have trouble sleeping on their own, adults whose spouses are on midnights or are away for work (military or business trips) and who will therefore be sleeping alone, or even pets!

“Mumoocie is for anyone who encounters separation anxiety and enjoys getting a good night’s rest!”

You can see the gallery of possible uses here.

The pillow comes in fiber fill or memory foam. The one pictured to the right is Memory foam so it holds it’s shape. The fiber fill one is more rounded. I was able to try out the memory foam pillow, here’s what my family thought:

  • Mom’s First Thought: I LOVE Memory Foam, the pillow will never go flat but weird shape.
  • Dad’s First Thought: Is this for me? I need a new pillow for between my legs.
  • Daughter #1’s First Thought: I LOVE this pillow. It’s my favourite pillow now. Can I use it? Can I use it?
  • Daughter #2’s First Thought: That’s a funny pillow, it’s so squishy!
  • Son’s First Thought: (Okay he’s 8 months, so I don’t know what he’s thinking but he seemed to like when I used it to prop him up as he slept in my arms because it was fussy.)

My husband first tried it between his legs but it’s not the right size for him, he loves the memory foam though. Now it currently lays between us in bed as when he lays facing the bed, he has to have his arm over a pillow. It’s like an arm rest in bed. I use it too when I face that way. I do like cuddling up to it when he’s not in bed but I find I don’t cuddle up to it the right way. I prefer it backwards (facing me)

It’s supposed to retain heat and scent so that if I slept with it in my bed for a few days, I could pass it to my child and it should smell like me or if I sleep with my child and the pillow and then transfer her to her bed, it would retain my heat. I haven’t tried it like this as my children have no problem sleeping by themselves generally. I did offer it to my younger daughter when I was going to be away for the night but she forgot to use it.

My eldest daughter loves to lay on it with it under her chest when she watches TV in my bedroom. I also use it to prop up my arm when I nurse the baby in bed or to keep items handy like the remote or his soother, without them sliding down under me. I’ve even used it as a table when I use my laptop in bed for my USB mouse. The memory foam is that hard and yet that soft at the same time!

I think this pillow is a great idea. You can even add a voice recorder so that when it’s squeezed it repeats a message you recorded such as “Go to sleep little one.” Check out the Mumoocie YouTube channel for more. Also see Mumoocie on Facebook and Twitter.

The pillow was featured on “The Doctors” in October. You can see the video below (they pronounce it wrong.)

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