REVIEW: Hand Vibes – Awesome Rings with Attitude!

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Hand Vibes is hoping to be the next craze in collectibles. Currently available in the USA and hoping to come to Canada, Hand Vibes are colourful rubber rings with sayings on them such as Friend, LOL, True Dat, Love, and more.

Each pack comes with three rings, one of which is hidden from view. With nine different colours and 25 sayings and 5 rare emoticon designs, there are 235 unique rings to collect. There are two different size rings in each pack so they will fit different fingers (or toes!)

Make sure you check the mystery ring for one of the rare black, blue swirl or emoticon rings! They are in only 1 out of every 6 packs!

The package lists them as for ages 7 and up and I’d say they’d fit the average preteens fingers. My 14 year old niece found them a bit small so I’d say 7-12 or so. I could see these becoming popular, especially with plans for more series to come out with other sayings.

If you are Canadian and would like to Hand Vibes sold where you live, give a shout out in the comments!

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