Your Children Can Write to Santa and He Will WRITE BACK!

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When I was a child I wrote to Santa and got a letter back! I remember how special I felt to get a letter addressed to me in the mail, and by Santa Claus himself! Find out How to Write to Santa and He’ll Write Back.

How to Write to Santa so He Will Write Back!
Canada Post takes care of letters to Santa and although most letters received are from Canadians, they do accept international letters. Please note international letters may be delayed so an answer might not be received before Christmas.

Write to Santa and He’ll Write Back

Here are some stats on the program:

  • Celebrating 30 years as a national program helping Santa reply to his mail.
  • Some 10,000 volunteers – postal elves – help Santa with this monumental task!
  • Santa receives more than 1 million letters (1.225 million in 2010), and 43,000 emails every year!
  • That’s 2,000 mailbags full of mail!
  • Santa receives letters in more than 30 languages (including Braille) – he answers each one in the language it was written in!
  • The Canada Post Santa Letter-writing Program is an employee-led volunteer initiative – employees give 190,000 hours of volunteer time – supporting literacy by encouraging children to write letters.
  • There have now been two generations of both letter writers and postal elves involved in this holiday tradition – children who wrote those first letters are now helping their own children write to Santa.
  • To protect Santa’s mail, only Canada Post employees – current and retired – are allowed to handle Santa’s mail.
  • It’s so EASY to write to Santa and it’s great practice for your child to learn how to address a letter, especially in this day and age of social media.

A few more notes on the program:

  • Santa has several versions of his letter (to ensure two children in the same house receive a different letter)
  • Santa also has a special ‘After Christmas’ letter he sends when a child’s letter is received too close to Christmas for a response to be delivered on time
  • Information about the program is mailed to more than 3,000 libraries, 4,000 daycare providers and 9,000 schools.
  • It takes a lot of paper (100% post-consumer recycled paper!) to manage Santa’s mail – 1.6 million pieces of letterhead and 1.7 million envelopes!

So How Do You Write to Santa?

Have your child write his or her letter and feel free to decorate the letter but no glitter please! Put the letter in an envelope and address it using the address below. Make sure you include your COMPLETE RETURN ADDRESS so Santa can reply. Check the website for which day you must send by to get a reply by Christmas.


Santa loves when your child includes pictures and notes on what he/she has been doing. Send ASAP (and by deadline) and wait eagerly for your reply.

Happy Holidays!

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