CANADA: Zellers Goes Out With a Bang, Not a Whimper

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Zellers’ stores are closing! Many stores will be closing in 2012 to make room for Target and other retailers. Instead of just sitting around waiting for it to happen or just doing their regular holiday sales they are letting the customers take an active (and creative) approach.

Using Facebook, customers can help plan Zellers’ Festive Finale. Customers will control the sale from setting the prices, to picking the in-store music playlist to recording and uploading their own Zellers radio spots.  Of course, face book fans will also have access to exclusive offers and deals only available to community members.

To get the word out, Zellers’ is using videos. The first video has the Executive Managing Director of Zellers addressing viewers with the news that stores are closing to “make room for a huge American retailer that shall remain nameless”. He then asks Zellers’ customers to help in running the final holiday sale.

I for one am sad about Zellers closing. I love shopping at Zellers and remember shopping there with my family as far back as age 4. I remember hiding on my parents in the store and freaking them out. They had staff looking all over for me while I hid in the sliding cupboards in the clothing sections. I shop there every holiday season and I’m not surprised that they are involving customers in planning their last holiday campaign.

“Our employees have always been the backbone of our company,” says Ford. “To involve them in addition to our customers was critical to us.”

“We wanted to make this campaign successful and memorable,” says Ford, “and in many ways acknowledge the contribution that our customers and associates have made to our success over the years. We thought this was a novel, fun and very engaging way to do it.”

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