Be The Voice: Instilling Values in Our Girls #BarbieICanBe

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I deal with the challenge of showing girls that they are important, smart and special all the time. Not only do I have two daughters of my own but I am a Girl Guide Leader. I work with Sparks (Ages 5-6), Brownies (ages 7-8) AND Guides (Ages 9-11.) In fact the National Service Project for Girl Guides this year has been Empowering Girls. The Mission of Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada is: Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada enables girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the world.

It can be hard at times instilling the values I want my Girl Guides and my daughters to adopt but then I think of how not empowered I felt as a young girl and I want to make sure I do my part. My mother was great, don’t get me wrong. She always told me how special and smart I was and at first, I always believed it. However starting about grade 4, life got hard for me at school. I had no real friends, was teased all the time and made to feel like I wasn’t a good person. It got to the point where more people were negative towards me than were positive. I don’t want my girls to ever go through that.

Barbie has a new initiative dedicated to helping moms with raising their daughters to be smarter, stronger, happier and more fulfilled. Be The Voice features Canadian Parenting Coach Terry Carson sharing parenting tips and ideas each month. Check it out!

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