Swagbucks is Celebrating Labour Day – are you a member?

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*This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the Swagbucks links or the image you will be signing up under my referral and I will earn more swagbucks.**

Search & WinThis is my first post about Swagbucks because although I signed up quite a while ago, I wasn’t really using it. I was using MyPoints to earn points from searching and since I’d built up points there, I didn’t want to lose all those my starting with swagbucks. For a while I tried searching with both but then I realized something.

With Mypoints, you have to earch over 75 times a month to earn any points. With Swagbucks, I earn for every few searches I do. It quickly added up and I’ve earned enough for a $10 amazon gift card already (although I’m saving up.)

I now recommend Swagbucks more. They have lots of ways to earn points, some of which work only for the US and of course like Mypoints, some require you to spend money first but I’m here to tell you that JUST by searching and nothing else, you can still earn enough for rewards in a few months time, depending on how much you search.

Swagbucks has a special Labour Day/Labor Day set of 5 swagbucks that you can earn from searching. If you earn all 5 before September 5, you will earn an extra 10 SB (swagbucks.) You can keep track in your account area.

Swagbucks Labour Day

You can expect more Swagbucks posts from me as I want to share all about it!

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