Want to Sponsor a Girl Guide Camp?

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I am a leader that helps run a camp for Girl Guides during the summer. We are camping July 31 – Aug 6 and our theme is All About Me. Here is what I’m looking for:


 – product samples for each child (not sure numbers yet)
 – products to raffle off or giveaway somehow to campers
 – Coupons for free services to hand out or raffle off
 – anything else of interest to girls ages 5-15 and women of all ages that fits in the theme


 – sense of self
– achievements
 – relaxation
 – personal safety
 – outdoor skills
 – self esteem
 – yoga
 – spa day type things
 – summer camp type things


 – exposure to the girls, parents and leaders of the camp. I will talk to them about your contribution and even those who don’t go home with items will have you on their minds.
 – I will do up a post on this blog about your company and what you contributed.
 – If you include a full sized product for me too, I’ll add a separate review on the blog. 
 – If it’s a book, you will get a review on SMS Book Reviews too!
 – You get one month free advertising in my sidebar (below the fold)

I am open to any ideas, even if they are different than what is on here. Please contact me ASAP as I need any products before July 31.

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