REVIEW: Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System – Stainless Steel Look

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Last year I reviewed the Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System and I’m happy to announce the product now comes in a new Stainless steel look to match your kitchen.

If you aren`t familiar with the product, it`s a way to get soap without touching the pump and getting the germs all over it. Sure you are washing your hands anyways but I often brush the soap pump while reaching for something or move the soap pump out of my way for a moment and I don`t wash my hands again before moving on to something else. Think of all those germs.

There is a new refill soap fragrance as well: Aloe Vera with Vitamin E. It`s soft and creamy and very soothing on your hands. So you can clean and moisturize your hands at the same time and it smells great.

I do wish it was refillable instead of needing to buy a new cartridge but what I do is use it for really unsanitary things such as when I`ve been handling raw meat. My husband uses it for other things too.  I find the batteries last a long time, considering it`s used at least once a day. I think I changed the batteries twice total in the year I had the first one.

Find out more about the Lysol No Touch.

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