Great Canadian Blog Bash

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Welcome to The Great Canadian Blog Bash at Callista’s Ramblings!

I also blog at which is also participating in this event so check over there for more giveaways.

My name is Callista and I’m a SAHM of three children, a dog, a cat and a fish. I love blogging and talking with others about my ideas and advice. I also like bringing local news to people I know, especially parents. This blog started out (2003) as a more personal blog but in 2007 I realized people made blogs for others to read and started posting my opinions and thoughts. I’ve moved over to a review/giveaway type blog and I also feature information of use to women and parents, especially Canadians. Just recently I’ve started featuring more local content.

Windsor Fireworks from Flickr User Tukanuk

I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and am a very proud Canadian. I love reading Canadian blogs. I don’t currently have an actual blogroll but will be making a Canadian Family Friendly Bloggers blogroll soon and every Canadian blogger I meet this week will be included in it. Have you ever been here to the southernmost part of Canada before? It’s strange, all Canadians know Canada is above the US but here in Windsor, we are actually below part of Michigan!

You can find me on twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, goodreads and linkedin. If you follow me on any of these and/or Google Friend Connect, let me know and I’ll return the favour as long as your blog is in English.

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