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Blogger Appreciation Day May 2011

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I’ve forgotten to do this for a while but I wanted to show some appreciation to those who have been referring visitors my way. This monthly event is hosted by 3 Boy and a Dog.

These are the top 10 referring blogs/small sites. I’m not including ning sites, twitter, facebook etc. However I just wanted to make a shout to my friends at Pitch It To Me. Thank you SO much for all your visits!

1. Tight Wad in Utah – from giveaway listings
2. Canadian Giveaways – from giveaway listings
3. Free Blog Giveaways – from giveaway listings
4. Canadian Mommy Giveaways – from giveaway listings
5. 1EpicMom
6. MakobiScribe
7. Acting Balanced
8. She Who Blogs
9. The Thrifty Things – from giveaway listings
10. Kelly’s Lucky You

Thank You to the above and the ones who didn’t make the top ten list. I especially want to thank those who referred visitors because you displayed my button. I appreciate you much more than just giveaway listing referrals because you purposely linked to me!

Also a shout out to the blogs/sites that sent visitors who spent the most time on my site (because number of visitors doesn’t matter if they stayed for only 2 seconds.)

  1. Shining2Save
  2. Our Family World
  3. Blogging Your Way
  4. Casino Freebies 3
  5. Tales of a Ranting Ginger
  6. Mommy Moment
  7. Laura in the Sky
  8. Blacktating
  9. Acting Balanced – made BOTH lists
  10. Hobo Mama


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