Carla Hall of Top Chef & CanolaInfo – Cooking Fish Together

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I watch Food Network Shows all the time. One I enjoyed was Top Chef All Stars. Carla Hall, a finalist, was voted fan favourite.

Carla has teamed up with CanolaInfo to bring you a video and recipe collection for fish dishes. They are designed for those who are unsure how to prepare fish. I don’t eat fish. I’m afraid of how it tastes. I don’t like that fishy taste. I think I’d try other seafood before fish (such as mussels or shrimp) but I’m in no rush. I know fish is good for me though which makes me think about trying it. However when I do decide to try it, I’d have no idea how to go about it. That’s where this collection comes in.The dishes are created using Canola Oil which has the least saturated fat of all the oils and is heart healthy.

Check out the collection at CanolaInfo.

Carla is hosting a Twitter party from @CanolaInfo on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 from 8:30-10 pm EST, when she will discuss her new recipe collection, tips on selecting and preparing fish and more! To join, RSVP at and then follow @CanolaInfo and use #GoFish during the party. Door prizes will be given to the first 25 attendees.

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