Budding Iron Chefs or Nutritionists?

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My kids, especially my 5 year old, LOVE cooking. Not only do they fight over helping in the kitchen, they watch Food Network Shows with me.

My 5 year old pays more attention to a cooking show than she does to some cartoons. She doesn’t just passively watch either, she asks questions about everything:

  • What food is that? 
  • What is he doing to the meat?
  • What’s that she’s using?
  • What are they making?
She loves Iron Chef America but will watch any Food Network Show. Both girls (the other one’s 3)  like the children’s show Big Cook, Little Cook on BBC. 
They eat their fair share of non healthy foods but they are aware when something is not healthy and if they aren’t, they always ask. They know that you should only have un-healthy food sometimes and in small quantities. They know that food gives them energy so they can do things.
My 5 year old has some kids magazines that feature a recipe or two and she wants to try them. 
One can only guess what their children will do for a living when they grow up but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was nurturing a future chef or nutritionist.
Do your children show signs of a possible future job?

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