REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Doozy Cards (e-cards)

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Have you sent out your Valentine’s Day Cards yet?

I NEVER send out real cards, too much writing, addressing, stamping and getting to the mailbox. Yes I’m lazy when it comes to certain things and to me, I can just say Happy Valentine’s Day (or Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday), why do I need to send a card that will just end up in the garbage after the celebration is over?

I much prefer e-cards as there is no paper waste and they are often more fun as they have music or are interactive. I used to send e-cards all the time but haven’t in a while because the free selection has dwindled. It’s really hard to find good free e-cards and most membership sites are expensive.

If you feel it is very important to send cards but don’t like sending real cards like me, a membership at an e-card site is a great compromise.

Doozy Cards has a large selection for many different occasions and has the ability to remind you about upcoming dates you may want to send e-cards for (like birthdays.) The president of Doozy Cards is a mother and when you sign up for a Premier Membership a portion of the proceeds go to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels to feed homebound elders.

I have two year-long memberships ($19.95 Value) to giveaway but it took me longer than expected to get this giveaway up so it’s only open for 2 DAYS! Open World Wide (as it’s online) for entries until Feb. 11, 2011 11:59 PM EST


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