Pregnancy Update – 29 Weeks

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I haven’t done an update till now because I’m never sure what to say. The photo to the left is of me at 26 weeks but I’m 29 weeks and at least one inch bigger now.

I will be having a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks as I had a fourth degree tear with my last child that gave me a very personal problem that required surgery. Having a vaginal birth would most likely mean I need the surgery again and the problem could very well be worse or not even fixable.

So that means I have only 10 weeks left till baby. It’s so strange how time CRAWLS by in your first trimester, goes a little faster but still slow in your second trimester and flies by in your third. I don’t have anything ready for the baby yet!

Little Liam is about 2.5 lbs and around 15″ long and likes to do acrobatics. I’m carrying VERY low, SO low that he kicks my crotch CONSTANTLY. I almost never feel movement above my belly button even though my uterus is a couple of inches above it now. I pee every hour LOL.

I”ve been reading the blogs of fellow pregnant bloggers and wanted to update you all just like they do.

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