Making Our Own Fast Food

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I love fast food like almost everyone but it’s important to eat healthy to keep our bodies fit. So while we sometimes get fast food, I also make our favourite fast food at home.

Fries Supreme from Taco Bell

At Taco Bell, it has tomatoes which I don’t like and cheese sauce even though I’d rather have shredded cheese. Plus the meat does havoc on my stomach. Plus it’s too small. So we make our own with baked french fries, lean ground beef with not as strong spices. We have leeks (instead of green onion, just my preference.), shredded cheese and sour cream. Now I don’t claim to be a healthy eater all the time. We should use light cheese and light sour cream but we don’t because we can’t stand the taste. But I figure it’s still healthier than Taco Bell.

Taco from Taco Bell

Well not really because Fries Supreme is the ONLY thing I will eat from Taco Bell. But we do love tacos and again, we make them a bit healthier. No deep fried shells, (we eat soft tacos,) plus we eat whole wheat flour tortillas.

Hamburger/Cheeseburger (McDonalds/BK/Wendys etc.)

As I said before, I don’t claim that I still don’t struggle with wanting to eat less healthy portions and such, Plus it’s a struggle to get my husband to eat healthy. We make our own hamburgers. We use lean ground beef when we can afford it. I’d like to use whole wheat buns but have a hard time finding them. We add our fixings as we want and let me tell you, they are way more filling than ones from McDonalds or BK. So we eat less. Even if we eat fries with it, they’re baked and we don’t drink pop with it.

Chicken Nuggets and Fries from McDonalds (for the kids)

I will be the first to admit that fast food and homemade food don’t taste the same. My kids love McDonalds but what they really want, is chicken nuggets and fries, not necessarily from McDonalds. So I save myself money and a bit of health by making them at home. Nuggets and fries aren’t a healthy food but I bake them so they are still a bit better.

There are still a few things I haven’t figured out how to do. I’d love to have iced cappuchines like from Tim Hortons at home but I don’t think I could do that. I love KFC as well and we do make our own chicken wings but they are not anywhere near as good as KFC. But it’s also expensive which stops us from getting it too much.


We’ve had frozen pizzas which don’t taste great (although I haven’t tried DiGiorno.) I’ve never tried making my own pizza but I would like to try. It’s a bit intimidating though.

Do you make your own fast food?

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