GIVEAWAY: A Handmade Holiday from You Can Make This!

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You may recall a giveaway I did over a year ago with You Can Make This.

You Can Make This is a website that sells patterns, books and other products for many different crafts you can make yourself such as applique, crocheting, knitting, and much more.

This time I have a great giveaway for you. I’m giving away a $100 gift bundle package of ePatterns to one winner.A full list of what is included in the bundle is below but I will highlight a few of them first.

The Duet Apron

Create matching aprons for adult and child. Aren’t they adorable? You can pick whatever fabrics you like and then follow the instructions complete with photos and diagrams.

The adult version has two layers while the child version has one.

Adorn: Volume 1

Make a decorative garland for any occasion, or non-occasion. They can be used as a daily decoration too.

The instructions are to make a scalloped fabric banner as well as a paper celebration banner.

Sew Simple Felt Food: Time for Breakfast

Sew up some felt food for your children to play with. Don’t have any children? Make it a gift for a niece/nephew, grandchild or local daycare.

It looks so good it’s making me hungry!

So how do you enter?

Fill out this form to enter. GIVEAWAY CLOSED
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Open Worldwide as prizes are digital. Open to entries until November 22 28 11:59 PM EST.

Full Contents of Bundle Include:

3. The Duet Apron (7.99)
7. Adorn, Volume 1 (5.95)
11.Hair Flair (7.95)

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