Camp Chairs – The Great Camping Event – Day 9

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It’s Day 9 and I’d like to talk about camp chairs. Do you have a camp chair? They are good for sitting around the backyard too!

The most common is the basic style. A place to sit with a back rest. Some have arm rests, some with cup holders, some without. Some have little side or back pockets to hold small things and some come with a foot rest.

There is also the double camping chair for two. It’s not quite like a couch because there is still a spot for two separate bottoms. You couldn’t really move over to cuddle.

The camping stool is much smaller and better for say backpacking where you have to carry light. It’s pretty comfortable but not if you need a back rest. There’s no leaning back and relaxing on a stool!

The director type chair only folds in half and so is big and bulky but is MUCH more comfortable and better for those who are too big for traditional camping chairs. Camp chairs list maximum weight on them and they usually say 250+  but if you are over 200lbs, I’d recommend this type of chair. If you are car camping or it’s for your backyard, being bulky shouldn’t matter too much. The one pictured comes with side table and pocket but there are cheaper ones without them and they don’t all look exactly the same. The seat is flat and solid, not formed to the bottom like the basic camping chair.

This is called a stadium seat and is really a sit-upon with a backrest. It’s not good for the ground as much but great for sitting at a picnic table or on a rock or log with more comfort. When you are sitting on it, you can lean back and you will not fall over. It folds up perfectly flat.

Finally I want to share the camp dog bed! What a cute idea. I’ve never seen it in real life but it looks good!

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