Keep Your Tent Clean

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When tent camping it’s important to Keep Your Tent Clean to ensure your tent lasts and also to ensure a comfy camp experience.

I already discussed some basic tent camping tips in another post so in this post I just want to cover how your tent should look on the inside.

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Keep Your Tent Clean

In Girl Guides we learn to roll up our beds in the morning to keep them warm and dry and we keep our stuff in our bags so we can find what we need. Also everything is kept away from the sides of the tent in case it rains.

We teach this to our Guides and we had two Guides last year who were better at keeping their tent clean than we are!

See for yourself!

The only thing that would make the above better is if the stuff was more to the center of the tent. However they remembered to make sure nothing was touching the sides of the tent and that is important. Also their flashlights are out so when they come to their tent at night they can reach in and get their flashlights to see what they are doing.

Keep Your Tent Clean

  1. Keep your clothes and other items in your bag when not in use, not strewn all over the tent.
  2. Keep your flashlight and rain gear just inside the door so you can grab it at a moment’s notice without going all the way in your tent.
  3. Keep bedrolls rolled up in a tarp during the day so if it rains and your tent leaks, your bed will be dry.
  4. Keep everything away from the sides of the tent.
  5. Before you take down your tent, check corners of tent and pockets for forgotten things and sweep dirt and grass out.


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