Camping with Bugs

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Bugs live outside. If you go camping, you are going to be camping with bugs, there’s no doubt about that. Bugs is a big reason I think why some people are not interested in camping.

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Camping With Bugs - Tips

I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t mind or even like certain bugs but are scared of another. There are still some bugs I freak out about but I’ve gotten a lot better than I used to be.

When I was about 5 I had to have an x-ray and there was a small spider on the wall in the x-ray room. It was up so high it was near the ceiling and was nowhere near me but I refused to have that x-ray until it was gone. They had to send for someone to bring in a ladder and go up there and dispose of it before I would cooperate. Now I catch most spiders and set them free.

So how did I get desensitized? I did lots of outdoor things and got used to them. Also as a Girl Guide leader I had to teach the girls how to be respectful of nature and to not scream every time they saw a bug. So I had to stop myself from freaking out in front of them. Now I have children of my own so I have to teach them the same things.

Just keep reminding yourself… they were here FIRST!!!

Ways to Enjoy Yourself While Camping With Bugs

  1. Make a bingo card out of bugs that are common where you are going camping and mark them off as you spot them. If you get a bingo you get a treat.
  2. Make or buy a bug jar to temporarily catch bugs and look at them up close.
  3. Use natural bug repellents such as citronella products to keep unwanted bugs away
  4. Look for a campground that has a guided hike related to bugs or insects
  5. Keep tent doors closed to limit the number of bugs inside (but keep windows open for airflow)
  6. Where long pants and socks over top of your pants to keep ticks away. Ticks are no joke and carry disease.

Oh and you can totally complain if you see the Rhinoceros Beetle or something equally huge and menacing.

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Beetle – Flickr User Leslie Kirkland under Flickr Creative Commons License

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