REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Madeline’s Great Adventures

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Shout Factory Kids (2010)
132 minutes

I reviewed another Madeline movie last month, Madeline: Lost in Paris.

My daughters (ages 3 and 4) prefer this Madeline to the other one. They’ve watched Madeline’s Great Adventures more than 8 times in the 2 weeks or so we’ve had it while they haven’t touched Madeline: Lost in Paris in a while.

Why do they like it better? Two main reasons:

  1. It’s 6 shorter episodes instead of one long movie.
  2. It’s not scary in any way (my one child scares very easy)

There’s no scary kidnapper in this one. In this video, the six episodes are:

  • Madeline and The Magic Carpet
  • Madeline on Safari
  • Madeline and The Lost Crown
  • Madeline and The Gypsies
  • Madeline and The Pirates
  • Madeline and The Forty Thieves

The story lines were interesting, full of mystery and intrigue, which is what makes Madeline a great show.

My favourite was Madeline and the Forty Thieves which is not the storyline you may think. It has a great moral in it that is important for all children and adults to remember. Madeline on Safari was cute too. It was interesting to see the school girls out of their uniforms and out of Europe!

I also have a colouring page courtesy of Shout Factory Kids. You can find it HERE. (ZIP)

* I received a copy of this DVD in exchange for a review. All reviews are honest and are not affected by how I acquired the product.


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