REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Barrel of Monkeys Keychain

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Have you ever wanted to play a game while you were out and about but didn’t have what you needed with you?

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I received the Barrel of Monkeys to review. All the game keychains have limited game play which means you can play the game but not exactly as you would the full size game. The Barrel of Monkeys comes with 13 mini monkeys that you can play anywhere. The top pops on and off but is on pretty tight and does not come off if you drop it. The chain itself is pretty durable and the barrel is a little more than 2 inches tall. The monkey’s body is about the size of my thumbnail although the little arms hang over the sides of my nail. This makes it hard for smaller children to manipulate but it’s listed as 4 and up and my 4 year old can do it.

WARNING: The monkeys are a choking hazard for little children so keep clear of babies and toddlers.

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