REVIEW: Smelly Washer – Washing Machine Cleaner

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Smelly Washer is a product you can use in your washing machine to clean a stinky washing machine or smelly towels.

I never thought washing machine’s needed to be cleaned but apparently they collect detergent and fabric softener, especially if you use too much. Also, while washing in cold water is good for the environment, only using cold water doesn’t allow the hot water to help disinfect the washer. By far what makes it smell the most is forgetting about your laundry and having it sit in the washer for more than a few hours or even overnight or longer.

There’s been some times when I’m just too busy and it sits too long. I often run the washer and dryer at night which means it sitting for hours. I never thought of that really. Sometimes a load of clothes smells bad, now I know why. So I used Smelly Washer to clean my washing machine and then ran a load of towels and blankets that came out of the laundry smelling really bad with the product too (as directed) and they came out of the laundry smelling really good!

You only use one cap full, and it’s a small cap. Once you’ve washed your machine, you only need to use it for a load that’s really smelly or every few months for upkeep so it should last fairly long. You can see full instructions for Smelly Washer if you’d like but basically it involves running the machine for 2 minutes using the product and then stopping it and letting it sit for a few hours before resuming.

So if you are in need of a washing machine cleaner, you might want to try Smelly Washer. It retails for $16.99 bottle but like I said, it lasts a while.

I’m not going to put any videos here but if you want to see some, check out the Smelly Washer YouTube channel. The Smelly Washer blog is a good resource for washing machine odor and lots more.

I received one bottle of Smelly Washer in exchange for an honest review through The Canadian Mom Blog Network (now Mom Nation.). All opinions are mine and are not influenced by how I acquired the product.

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