REVIEW: The Madeline Movie Lost in Paris

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Shout Factory Kids 2010
75 minutes

Hasn’t everyone heard of Madeline? It started out as a book by Ludwig Bemelman and has been a tv series and we even have a computer game with Madeline.

Summary: When her long-lost Uncle Horst unexpectedly visits Miss Clavel’s Parisian boarding school from Vienna, Madeline is whisked away on promises of the wonderful new life – and family – of which she’s always dreamed! But soon Madeline realizes that her new life isn’t as wonderful as she’d hoped, and she must use her own wits and courage to maintain the only real family she’s ever known.  (from back of DVD)

If you know your actor voices, you may recognize the voice of Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music), Lauren Bacall (The Big Sleep) and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld).

My kids have never been really into Madeline but mostly because they’ve only seen it once or twice. We don’t have cable TV, the computer game I mentioned earlier is for older kids and we’ve never read the books because they are long and my kids like shorter books. My kids enjoyed the video except that one was scared of some mean characters in the last half of the movie. They haven’t however, watched a whole lot of it. There’s nothing wrong with the movie, I just think they are so into other characters right now that they don’t have room for another one. There are some movies we’ve watched before that they didn’t take to right away but after a few months, it was their new favourite video, so who knows.

The songs that are sung periodically throughout the movie are really cute and I was practically singing along with some of them. I would recommend this movie to: Madeline lovers, lovers of Paris and French, girls ages 3-6. I don’t imagine it would capture boy’s interests very much although I could be wrong.

You can find a coloring page here (ZIP FILE) and a film clip here. (WMV)

* I received a copy of this DVD in exchange for a review. All reviews are honest and are not affected by how I aquired the product.

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