Do You Utlilize Product/Company Websites?

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Nowadays most companies have their own websites and there are even sites for specific products. Do you visit them? They aren’t just company history and prices.

Often these websites have coupons/deals, resources, helpful information, tips and tricks and much more. This is especially true of food sites.

For example:

Do you eat Kraft foods such as Kraft Dinner or Kraft Cheese Slices? The Kraft Canada (or Kraft Foods [US]) website has recipes (which you can save in a recipe box if you become a free member) or check out the message boards. There is an ifood app for your iphone and newsletters with food information.

What about Heinz Ketchup? You can find recipes, check out sweepstakes and other promotions, buy t-shirts and other products with the Heinz Ketchup logo on it and more.

Do you read Good Housekeeping magazine? Their website offers more than just subscription offers or the articles in the magazine. You can watch the video of the day, recipes, promotions, virtual model (try on clothes virtually), games and quizzes, and more.

So now I pass it off to you, what product or company websites do you visit and what do you find there? Help me find some new sites with great resources!

* Photo above used under Flickr Creative Commons License from user guidosportaal

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