Easy Earth Day Activities For Kids

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Need some Easy Earth Day Activities to do with your kids? Are you not the super crafty and creative mom? This is what I did this year.
 Easy Earth Day Activities For Kids

Easy Earth Day Activities for Kids

Planting Flowers

This is always a great way to celebrate Earth Day. You don’t have to plant them in a garden. You can get pots, shovels and seeds from a dollar store or other cheap store and you can get potting soil at most garden places. Plant something fun with your kids and then help them take care of them and watch them grow.
Planted Flowers

Playdough Gardening

Buy or make your own playdough and provide them with gardening toys such as a shovel, pot and rake. You can provide fake flowers as well if you want. Let them go to town and do whatever they want!
Playing with Playdough

Watch a Nature Documentary

We watched Meerkats (as told by Paul Newman) which is not made for kids but was perfectly interesting for my young ones but there are MANY other nature documentaries out there as well. Netflix is full of them as is the library and probably TV around Earth Day.

Read Nature Books

You can never go wrong with reading. Look for nonfiction especially so your kids can learn something too. Here are a few suggestions:
Science Starter: Living Things by Wendy Madgwick (info on living vs. non-living things and science experiments to do. I just read the text and make sure she understood and asked her questions about the pictures.
An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long (All different kinds of eggs and compares how they are different.)
What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page (shows parts of mouth, ears, tails, noses etc.. of different animals. You can guess what animal it is and what it uses it’s mouth/ear/tail/nose for and then turn the page to find out the answer.)

This Land is Your Land (With a Tribute by Pete Seeger) – Words and Music by Woody Guthrie, Paintings by Kathy Jakobsen (I introduced this song to my children and we enjoyed the illustrations.

Go Outside

This one is great because it requires no prep so if you at reading this ON Earth Day and don’t have time to prepare, just take your kids outside in nature and enjoy it.
Whether you do any of these easy Earth Day Activities or not, have a great Earth Day!

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