Super Kids Nutrition

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SuperKids Nutrition is a wonderfully resourceful website for parents and other adults who want to help children eat healthy and grow well.

It has articles, interviews with nutrition professionals, book suggestions, colouring pages, stuff for kids and more.

Articles I liked:

Nutrition Advice from Expert Jo-Ann Heslin
Pantry Raid
Calcium Sources for the Lactose-Intollerant

What I learned:

  • If you give your children chewable vitamins, give it to them during meals, not after as it sits on their teeth and causes tooth decay.
  • Planning your meals decreases the chances of you getting fast food or otherwise eating unhealthily
  • Most mealtime showdowns (with toddlers) are not about the food.

The best advice I found on the site was about kids who absolutely will NOT eat fruits and vegetables:

Give your child a multivitamin, eat your own veggies with gusto, and one day, your child may change.

This website is HIGHLY recommended!

Please Note: I am participating in a blog promotion on behalf of SuperKids Nutrition Inc.

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