REVIEW: Just Dance Wii Game

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This time I had the pleasure of reviewing two Wii games, one of which I’m telling you about today.

Just Dance (Ubisoft) is a great party game but can also be played by yourself. Up to four players at a time can bust a move to 32 different songs. There is a WIDE variety of songs, so there should be something here for everyone. I can dance pop, rock, country, tribal, hip hop and more.

My favourite songs to dance to are Womanizer by The Gym All-Stars (NOT Britney Spears), Hot N Cold by Katy Perry, Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men and Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex. Want to see the full list of songs on Just Dance?

The dance moves for all the songs were choreographed by professional dancers and the moves are shown on the screen for you to follow. You can see what Pump Up the Jam looks like. The dancer on the screen does the current move and little people icons scroll across the bottom to show you what’s next. You rack up points based on how well you did (X, OK or GREAT!) and if you keep getting GREATs you become “on fire” and your point bar has flames. (see either side of the dancer in the link above.)

I think it’s a great way to have fun when you have friends over. Teenagers and young adults would absolutely love this. Friends can join in anytime with a press of a button, even during a song! Just make sure you have a large space if you are having more than two dancers as we inadvertently smacked a few people and animals with a Wii remote because they were too close while we were dancing.

One way it could be better would be to have tutorial’s for each song. There is a basic tutorial that just gives you some tips and hints in general. However there are some songs and certain moves that I’m sure I’m doing right but I still get an X. A slow motion shot of the move with explanation would be helpful. I’m sure I’ll get it eventually but a tutorial would have been better.  Also, even though some moves have to be done exactly right to count, other times I can sit on the couch, have the Wii remote beside me on the couch while the game is playing, move a little and it counts points.

The game also has 2 other modes. Strike a Post is like dancing Red Light Green Light. Stop when it says Stop and Go when it Says Go but be careful because you might Stop while you’re friend is still moving and Go while she’s stopped! In Strike a Pose, you have 7 lives and each time you make a mistake, you lose a life. If you can get 5 correct moves in a row, you win back a life. Last one with a life heart wins. This is for those who have really practiced a certain song.

Do you have a video camera? You can enter to win in the Just Dance $1000 weekly sweepstakes.You don’t have to own Just Dance to enter. If you DO own it, record yourself dancing to any song (except A Little Less Conversation) and post it to You Tube and enter to win at the link above. If you don’t have Just Dance, download You Can’t Touch This or Fame from the website and record yourself dancing to it. Check out the link for full details.

Check out the Just Dance trailer:

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