Discover Your Daughter – for parents of girls ages 8-12

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The creator of Discovery Girls magazine has created a website called Discover Your Daughter. It’s for parents of girls ages 8-12 and the girls themselves.

There are articles of interest to parents and tweens. Parents can register for the site themselves to leave comments on stories or to ask or answer questions in a format a bit similar to Yahoo! Answers. No information is collected for children. The articles tweens may like are there to read and they cannot leave any comments.

The website is fairly new but articles and features will be added overtime. Most of the articles for tweens were originally printed in the magazine.

Here’s a little of what Discover Your Daughter had to say:

We share:
How to help your daughter learn to identify & stand up to bullies.
What she thinks parents don’t understand about her life, and what to do about it.
How parents can teach her to use technology wisely, so she’s not ruled by text messaging, IMs, email, etc
How to know where to draw the line on privacy?  How much should tweens have?
How to help her deal with jealousy, disappointment, and failure so she grows into a resilient, strong, confident young woman
How to help her to love and accept her body
How to build a foundation so she’ll make good relationship choices now and for the rest of her life

There is also a free email newsletter you can sign up for and you can follow Discovery Girls Magazine on Twitter or Facebook.

Also there is currently a contest to win a spot on the back of a Discovery Girls magazine that is open until March 1, 2010. There are other prizes too. Check out the Ultimate Mom Daughter Contest for more information.

If you’re a parent of a tween girl you should check out this site, it seems very helpful!

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