Make a Healthy Cracker House This Year

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Update Nov 2014 – sorry for the poor photography and short post but this post is from years ago. However it’s still relevant! If you need a recipe, you won’t find it here but if you like ideas you can take and make all your own, this is it!

I’d love to say this idea was all mine but that would be lying. I got the idea from a Parenting Magazine. (At the moment I can’t remember which one and I can’t check as I don’t own it. )

Instead of a Gingerbread house full of icing and candy, make a healthier version. So I bought some crackers, cream cheese and assorted dried fruits and vegetables, fruit leather and corn nuts and got to work. I could have also used nuts but I am bringing this to a school so I figured I’d better not. You can use fresh vegetables too.

There is no RIGHT way to do this, be creative! My crackers were short so I did a short double house. If anyone else has done something similar, please let me know!

Why not try making one of your own this weekend?

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