Getting Kids to Bed (and to Stay in Bed) on Christmas Eve

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How to Get the Kids In Bed (and Stay In Bed) on Christmas Eve | Callista's Ramblings

Telling your kids that Santa (or La Befana or the Magi or whoever) won’t come unless they are asleep only does a little good because if the children are all excited (and who wouldn’t be?) then settling down for a long winter’s nap is not as easy as it looks.

Step One

Tire them out. Play outside or take them to an indoor play area and wear them out. Play games, read stories, do last minute decorating, sing carols, whatever you can think of. The more tired they are, the better they will sleep. If they are tired enough, they will fall asleep, even though they are anxious and excited. Just don’t OVER do it or your child will fall asleep early and then be wide awake at midnight.

Step Two

Have a hearty dinner and make sure it’s something your kids will eat (even if it’s Macaroni and Cheese or Peanut Butter sandwiches) and then follow that with a bath. You want their bellies full so they won’t be hungry and to help make them tired. Meals with milk or turkey are even better as they help sleep even more. The bath is calming and relaxing.

Step Three

If you put out cookies and milk and carrots or something similar do it before the next tip.

Step Four

Change into pajamas and watch a Christmas video followed by some Christmas stories. Doing quiet things before bed will help wind them down a bit. This will only work if they have been tired out first. If you had an early dinner and feel they need a bedtime snack, cereal and milk or milk and popcorn are a good choice.

Step Five

Put them to bed the way you normally do and remind them that they are not to come out of their rooms until [insert family rule here – maybe it’s when sun comes up, or before clock says a certain time or before parents come in to the room. Or perhaps it doesn’t matter to you.] Put on soothing music (perhaps instrumental Christmas carols) and turn off lights in the rooms near their room and stay quiet. If they think others are awake and partying they won’t go to bed. Either be quiet till they fall asleep or go to another room further away.

Well I hope that helps, have a good holiday!

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