Review: My Little Pony Twinkle Wish Adventure

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Release Date: October 13, 2009
Rating: Not Rated
Total Running Time: 81 minutes
From Shout Factory and Hasbro

Story Summary: All the ponies can’t wait for the Winter Wishes Festival where the Wishing Star grants each pony one special wish. But when the Wishing Star disappears, they go on a journey to find it. But will they make it back in time for the festival? Join Pinkie Pie and all her pony friends on their journey as they discover that friendship can make wishes come true!

Although this is the first My Little Pony DVD my daughters have ever seen I used to watch My Little Pony on TV when I was a child in the late 80s, early 90s. I must say the graphics are much better now but the show is just as fun. My daughters are almost four and two and a half and they absolutely loved it, especially my elder daughter. In fact, she watched it two times in a row and has watched it every day since then at least once a day, sometimes two or three times.

We also checked out the special features which include a new animated short called Elefun and Friends which both children liked and a Waiting for the Winter Wishes Festival prequel which they now always watch before the show. There is also six sing-along songs and downloadable activities such as a Pony Note to Santa and Cut-Out Pony Ornaments.

I asked my eldest what her favourite part of the movie was and she said all of it. So I showed her a picture of all the ponies and asked her which one was her favourite and she pointed to each and every one and said “This one and this one and this one…” So needless to say, I’ll be buying more My Little Pony products and videos for my children.

You can see a very short clip from the video from Shout Factory or watch the almost five minute prequel on the Hasbro site. Keep in mind that the actual video is in much better quality than these videos.

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