Mom Central’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is coming up fast (June 21), have you thought about what to get your father? No father in the picture? A friend of mine said, think of it as FUGE (pron. fudge) day. (Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, Everyone Else). I’m sure their is some father-like figure you can recognize this year!

Mom Central has a great gift guide complete with giveaways that you shouldn’t miss! From DVDs and custom steak brands to a seven-person domed tent, there is something here for every Dad. Plus, we have organized our gift ideas by price, so there’s no reason to break the bank (unless you want to!).

Did I say giveaways? Yes I did! Everyday Mom Central will post giveaways for Dads. Upcoming giveaways include barbeque accessories, a Jeep tent built for 7 people, CDs, DVDs, books, razors, and so much more. You have to check back everyday though as the giveaways will only be open till midnight on that day! There are a couple of giveaways posted now and more will come Monday!

What are you getting your father for father’s day?

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