REVIEW: Cascade All-in-1 Action Pacs

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I don’t use my dishwasher very often, mostly because it doesn’t rinse the dishes as well as it should and because it’s one of the kind you have to roll over and attach to the sink spout and plug it in. It’s so loud and such a pain!

However when I was offered the chance to review some Cascade dishwasher detergent pacs I said sure, hoping that a certain kind of dishwasher detergent could make up for my dishwasher’s faults.

I was sent a package similar to the one one the left in the photo above, but in fresh scent. The scent is so strong you can smell them through the package. They are all white with blue/green spots on the bottom and blue/green swirls of liquid on the top which are held in with a thin barrier of plastic. The pacs are a bit sensitive. I put a couple in a Ziploc bag to give to my mother to see what she thought and one was punctured on the way and leaked. So you couldn’t just throw some in a drawer till you need them. You have to be gentle with them.

So what’s so special about them? According to Cascade, they have pre-treating power, food dissolving power, stain fighting power, shine shield and rinse aid power.

What do I think? Well I tried them out and they did pretty well. It was nice that I didn’t have to open them and throw away some packaging first. They are ready to throw in your dishwasher as is. This is more convenient and more green for our environment. Even better, I didn’t have to rewash any dishes that came out of my dishwasher like I normally do (as I said before, it’s old and doesn’t work right.) My mother tried them out too (her dishwasher works fine) and she said they worked great but weren’t necessarily better than what she normally uses.

The gel pacs are available in Fresh and Lemon Burst scents in assorted 12, 20, and 44-count varieties.

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