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I just found out about this today. Here is a quote from the Affiliate Love Project’s About Us page:

“I came up with this idea after watching multiple affiliate contests out there where people were getting paid to refer others to different affiliate networks. One day it hit me. What if the money made off of referrals went to help people in need? Affiliates would still be making the same commissions as before, but the difference is now they are helping people throughout the world.”

…and from the FAQ page:

“How Does It Work?
Once a month we choose a new charity or cause to support and set a goal of how much we want to raise. We then raise money in two ways. One is through straight donations, and the other is through doing what affiliates do best, and that is to earn commission. It works by affiliates
signing up for affiliate networks through our site. Then when you earn commission, we take all referral money the networks send us and donate it to charities.

For example, lets say you click through and signup for an affiliate network on our site. That network gives us a 5% referral bonus on all commission you earn for life. So if the first month you are with that network you earn $1000 in commissions, you will receive your usual check from the network of $1000, and they will send us a check for $50 (5% of $1000).”

This sounds like a really great idea doesn’t it? You can follow the Affiliate Love Project on twitter @affiliatelp

Also, make sure you enter to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

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