World Creativity and Innovation Week

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I always find out about these things a little late. World Creativity & Innovation Week is April 15-21 (which means it already started) So let’s take a moment to reflect on creativity/innovation.

Without Creativity and Innovation we wouldn’t have many of the objects we use everyday. I could name off everything we use but just as a sample: cellphones, internet, toaster, microwave, Wii, Kindle, Twitter etc….

Then there are those things that are very new and you don’t see them in stores (at least yet). Check out these cool innovative products. (but come back!)

So did you ever create something new? Perhaps in school? We had to invent something in school and I ended up creating a sling for dogs. You know how people carry their babies on them? Well I made one for dogs. I tried it out on my dog and he didn’t like it much but I know the dog my parents have now would love it. I wish I knew what happened to it. It would have been perfect for those little dogs who just want to be held and carried. Perhaps you’ve heard of or seen a dog stroller? But oh wait, what’s this? Someone HAS invented Dog Slings. They’re not quite what I invented, these are more like purses.

So what innovation do you covet the most? Which one could you never live without? Inquiring minds want to know.

Are you going to be creative or innovate anything this week? Check out the Innovation Mindset for some ideas and an Innovation ‘Prayer.’ If you’re on Twitter, you may want to follow @WorldCreativity

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