REVIEW: Nestle Carnation Breakfast Anytime

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I had decided I wanted to try some Carnation Instead Breakfast and what better flavour to try than Chocolate! So I sent away for a free sample and just after it came in I told hubby what it was and that he could try some. Nex thing I know he has it made and is telling me I can try some. Um not quite what I had in mind!

So I only got a moderate taste and it wasn’t as chocolately as I would have liked but I think he added too much milk. (Guys don’t measure right?)

My sample also came with a coupon so I’ll buy some more so I can get a better taste but I think it would make a good quick breakfast for someone who doesn’t ever eat breakfast.

Each serving of powder (when prepared with milk) has:

15 grams of Protein
50% Daily Value (DV) of Calcium
50% DV Iron
50% DV Vitamin C
and Preibio, a prebiotic that helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

You can also buy it premade in ready-to-drink tetra packs but what I would have preferred to see was a mix that mixes with water so that I’d have something to eat/drink even when there is not milk in the house.

Have you tried any Carnation Instant Breakfast products?

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