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Okay you got me, I’ll participate. I’ve seen this many places but the last place was Life With a Little One and More.

The idea is you search google for “_____ needs” with the blank being your name. I used my real name, Kathleen because I figured it would come up with more. My comments are in italics.

1. Kathleen needs to talk to people she trusts for reassurance that things will turn out great on the day.
Not sure which day they mean but yes I can always use more reassurances.

2. Kathleen Needs A Ride Home
Well since I don’t have a car…

3. Kathleen needs MySpace
No thanks. I barely use facebook. I’ll stick to the other social media/communities.

4. Kathleen needs to get the glory
Whose glory? Perhaps the glory of owning the best blog ever? Yeah right.

5. Kathleen needs to focus more on her learning and not on socializing
Actually I spend ALL my time on learning and NONE of my time on socializing. Social media is my extent of socializing.

6. Kathleen needs to get the oil changed & tires rotated today
On whose car? I said earlier I don’t have one!

7. Kathleen needs a hobby
Blogging is my hobby! I also enjoy photography and scrapbooking.

8. Kathleen needs help at work and family
Well I don’t work, except blogging but I can always use help with family.

9. Kathleen needs your vote
Well I think this was from a politics page but I could use your vote on stumbleupon

10. Kathleen needs to turn 6 more or gain 129 more Zombie points to reach the next …
Umm yeah..

If you participate, leave a link!
I also found another Kathleen who participated and she has a LONG list.

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