Daughters.com from New Moon Girl Media

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What goes through your mind when your tween or teen daughter asks you a tough question? Do you call a friend or ask your pediatrician? Turn to Google or reach out for the nearest book?

The search for answers is finally over. Thanks to the launch of http://www.daughters.com/, you can go to one place online 24/7 to find the reliable, expert advice and peer support you need to raise your girl.

With its rich history of creating groundbreaking communities for girls with New Moon Girls magazine and the online community http://www.newmoon.com/, New Moon Girl Media has created http://www.daughters.com/, the only one-stop shop on the Web for parents, grandparents and caregivers of girls.

Daughters.com is an interactive community where visitors can find all the answers to questions about raising girls 8-15. Daughters.com includes a fully-searchable collection of more than 250 expert articles, interactive community features “Ask the Expert” and “Parent to Parent,” where people go for advice from experts and support one another, and blogs from Parenting Girls Experts Nancy Gruver and Joe Kelly.

So what did I think of the site?

I think it’s a great resource, with lots of helpful articles, polls and advice. There are some expert blogs and articles on all KINDS of topics from Life Learning and Step-Parenting to Dating and Puberty. The site is for parents with daughters, this must be understood as they’re are links to websites outside of the New Moon Media family. There are a few ads, but nothing too intrusive, just the right amount. The discussion board is just starting up though and so isn’t too active. It only has one board but I hope that will change as time goes on.

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