Top Trends in Home Decor 2009

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According to Janette Ewen, the top trends in Home Decor for 2009 are:

  • felt and leather fabrics
  • gold as choice metal
  • dark stone finishes
  • brown, black and cherry red woods
  • laser cut designs for your dishes
  • candle ambience
  • optical illusion walls
  • purple for anything

Personally, I have NONE of these in my home. We haven’t had the money to redo much of our home at all so it’s all the old stuff that it was like when we bought it.

If you do have or choose to get any of these new fashion trends, be sure to check out which Proctor & Gamble products might be useful to keep them in tip top shape. For example Swiffer Dust & Shine would be good for the wood or a dishwashing detergent such as Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers would be a safe way to clean real gold.

* leather couch from flickr user RLB865

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