Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and Disinfecting Wipes, Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers

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Mr. Clean Disinfecting Wipes with Febreze Freshness

Introducing Mr. Clean Disinfecting wipes with Febreze freshness. These wipes kill bacteria and leave a fresh scent. The scent I tried was Meadows and Rain and I thought it smelled great. The other scent available is Lavender, Vanilla and Comfort.

The wipes are in an upright container. The idea is you flip open the top and pull on the wipes. One comes off and the rest stay there ready for next time. I had a little trouble though. I found the second wipe came up too far, making it hard to close the lid and once when I opened the lid, it brought the piece that allows you to take just one wipe at a time with it.

The container I have contains 25 moistened wipes and retails at $2.99 – $3.99. They work on many hard surfaces like counter tops and glazed tiles. You can try them on bathroom and kitchen counter tops, appliances, sinks, toilets, tubs and more.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Now there is Mr. Clean Magic Erasers with Extra Power. It’s 50% stronger for Heavy Duty Cleaning. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser wipes away grime with minimal effort and leaves a fresh scent. You can use your Magic Eraser on many places such as walls, doors, baseboards and plastic items around your house.

You can also use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bathroom on bath surfaces and Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen on your
microwave, refrigerator, stove top and counters

Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers

Finally we have Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers. I was able to try the kind pictured at left which has an apple blossom scent. Look for Original as well.
So what makes it PLUS? Well besides cleaning tough, stuck on food it’s also an antibacterial hand soap and will kill bacteria on your hands when used as a hand soap.I found it created just the right amount of bubbles. Many dish washing soaps create bubbles that fizz away minutes later or they create so many you can’t find your dishes. A little goes a long way with Dawn Plus. The container has a nice indent made for your hand when you grab the bottle so you are less likely to drop it when your hands are slippery with soap. Dawn Plus with Power Scrubbers retails at $2.69.

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