[Guest Post] Kelly Kilpatrick on Recommendations from Kid Toy Testers

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According to an article in the Globe and Mail, The Canadian Toy Testing Council “hires” dozens of kids to be toy testers each year. They play with the toys as children normally do so they can be assessed for safety and entertainment value. Below is a list of the toys the kids really liked and what their parents had to say about their experiences.

Spencer Whitehead, 9

Scavenger Hunt for Kids card game: “The really nice thing for moms and dads is you get bonus points if you put all of the items away back in their proper place,” Lynne Whitehead says.

Aidan Whitehead, 4

Indiana Jones action figure: “He’s never seen the movies, we’ve never read the books, but boy did he love that toy. We couldn’t get it out of his hands,” Ms. Whitehead says.

Charlie Hardwick-Kelly, 14

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity: “It was hilarious because with all of the high-tech things we’ve got these days, what he loved most about that book was the pattern they put in it to make a paper airplane,” Judy Hardwick-Kelly says.

Sheena Hardwick-Kelly, 12

Playmobil dinosaurs: “It has a volcano and you press a little lever on it and the top rolls off it. She really loved that feature,” Ms. Hardwick-Kelly says.

Abigail Hardwick-Kelly, 5

SweetPea3 MP3 digital music player: “It was a huge hit for her. She could carry it around and download music from the computer. It comes with a little round handle, so if she found a hook anywhere she liked to hang it on it,” Ms. Hardwick-Kelly says.

So, if you don’t know what to get the kids on your list, think about some of these “expert” recommendations while you’re out and about. They may help you find the perfect gift!

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