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Introducing the Swiffer WetJet. It’s versatile enough to clean almost any floor. It’s GUARANTEED to clean better than a mop and bucket and it does.

I received a Swiffer WetJet to try out and I’m impressed. It’s so nice not to have to have a bucket handy with the ability to squeeze out the water. That and my mop is all old and smelly and I need to replace the whole thing every once in a while.

Swiffer WetJetI found it very easy to put together. The instructions are very clear and I had no problems. The spray nozzle needs 4 AA batteries though and I wish they had been included.

The WetJet traps and locks the dirt and dust in the special cloth on the bottom and uses a special cleanser to make your floor shine. The WetJet can be used on almost all floors. Do not use WetJet on unfinished oiled and waxed floors, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors. You can use it on ceramic, vinyl, wood, stone, laminate and linoleum.

The WetJet comes with a powerful nozzle that sprays a little bit of the special cleanser onto the floor. A 2-3 second spray covers approximately 1 square meter (10 square feet) of floor and one bottle of cleaner lasts for approximately 100 square meters (1076 square feet) or about 8 rooms. Swiffer makes a hardwood floor cleaner and an antibacterial floor cleaner and one thing I like is that you can switch between the two of them at any time. They come with automatic sealers so when you take the bottle off, it’s sealed.

There is also a scrubbing strip that comes already attached to the WetJet. It’s easily removable by velcro but shouldn’t need to be replaced for a while. To use it, the instructions say to use your foot or the floor to flip the WetJet onto it’s side. I couldn’t get it to flip with the floor and being short, had some difficulty changing with my foot. I’m getting the hang of it though.


(following from Swiffer)
Swiffer WetJet hardwood floor cleaner and other solutions are great for:
– Wall-to-wall, whole floor cleaning
– High-traffic areas
– Tough stains on finished hardwood, ceramic and tile surfaces
– Spilled drinks
– Heavy dirt and grime
– Clean-up after parties
– Pet areas
– Large spills
– Tracked-in mud
– Sunrooms and enclosed patios
– Finished tile surfaces around pools and hot tubs

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