New Moon Girls

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I was introduced to New Moon’s new site, New Moon Girls which is a safe, advertising-free online community for girls ages 8-12.

For the price of $29.95 they get 12 months of unlimited acess, 6 issues of New Moon Girls print magazine, they can share poetry, artwork, video and other creations, exclusive member extras, fully moderated chats and so much more.

Here is more information from New Moon Girls:

As women we know that girls are bombarded every day by disrespectful, exploitive media that can make them feel confused and powerless. As a parent, it can feel overwhelming.

Research shows that one of the best ways to counteract negative media is to put girls in the “driver’s seat” as media creators. That’s what New Moon’s been doing for sixteen years. And it works. Every week I hear from young women who subscribed to our award-winning magazine when they were girls. This recent email from Marit Knutson is typical: “I am a New Moon “grad” so to speak. Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you. I can’t tell you how transformative New Moon was for me as young girl. I had an awareness of issues that girls have to face, and felt empowered by the mag.”

Now, with, even more girls worldwide can make their own media (every day if they want!) and share it with each other. They learn more about themselves and about the world while having great fun and connecting.

Giving every girl the chance to discover, create and share with other girls worldwide is my passion. I hope you will visit our site and check it out. Callista, if you like what you find, please help us spread the word about the priceless gift of creativity and empowerment that New Moon provides to girls ages 8-12. It changes their lives and that can change our world for the better.

I checked out the site, what you can see for free and it looks like a really good place to be. I was already familiar with New Moon as a girl’s magazine written by girls for girls so this is just an improvement. If you have girls ages 8-12 I encourage you to check it out.

NOTE: I’m not getting paid to tell you about this so you can be sure I really do recommend it.

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