Leapfrog’s New Web-Based Parent Resource (plus giveaway!)

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Leapfrog Sets Benchmark For Learning Products With New Web-Based Parent Resource
The LeapFrog Learning Path Allows Parents to Participate in Children’s Educational Progress

TORONTO, ON – OCTOBER 28, 2008 – Parents now have a groundbreaking new way to connect with their plugged-in kids, with the arrival of a powerful online resource available today from LeapFrog, a leading developer of technology-based learning products. A free and private resource, the Learning Path makes it possible for parents to see the educational skills their kids are exploring with their LeapFrog products, from infant learning toys to grade-school gaming platforms. The Learning Path, available through www.leapfrog.ca, functions as an interactive roadmap for parents, allowing them to observe, shape and personalize each child’s individual progress.

“LeapFrog is the first company to provide parents a comprehensive insider’s view into what and how their child is learning, based on actual play data,” said Dr. Jim Gray, director of learning for LeapFrog. “Based on our extensive experience developing educational products for schools, the Learning Path details the skills a child is engaged in, giving parents insights into what excites their children to learn, as well as where they may be struggling and need extra attention.”

The introduction of Learning Path marks the first time that LeapFrog has made its Scope and Sequence available to parents. The Scope and Sequence is the company’s proprietary curriculum of educational skills that is the backbone of all LeapFrog products. The Learning Path encompasses more than 2,000 individual skills in areas such as language and literacy, mathematics and science.

How it Works

The Learning Path links with LeapFrog products to provide parents an explanation of the skills their children are engaged with, how often their children play a particular game, what kinds of questions they answer and how they are progressing. The only resource that offers details on kids’ interaction with these skills, the Learning Path also provides parents with personalized recommendations for products best suited for each child’s growth. To get kids on the LeapFrog Learning Path, parents can easily create a Learning Path account through www.leapfrog.ca.

For LeapFrog’s USB-enabled products such as the new Tag™ Reading System, Didj™ Custom Gaming System or Leapster2 Learning Game System, parents simply connect their LeapFrog product to their PC or Mac to view detailed information on skills engaged and progress made. This information then populates each child’s personal LeapFrog Learning Path, allowing parents to share their children’s individual accomplishments and engage each child in discussions about what they play and what they learn.

For children who continue to enjoy legacy LeapFrog products without USB connectivity, such as the Leapster L-Max™ Learning System, or who have LeapFrog learning toys such as the Learn & Groove™ Musical Table, parents can register these products online through www.leapfrog.ca to see the skill areas each product is designed to encourage, as well as receive guidance on the next logical product to further enhance their children’s learning.

The Learning Path, with its one-of-a-kind connection across LeapFrog products, takes kids and parents beyond individual toys, offering a window into each child’s overall learning experience and guiding parents who want to know what products will best match their kids’ interests and needs.


The LeapFrog Learning Path is now available for parents with children from 4 years to 10 years old (or 5th grade) who are using the Tag Reading System, Didj Custom Gaming System or the Leapster2 Learning System. Later this fall, additional products from LeapFrog will also be added to the Learning Path, expanding the range from birth to 13 years old. There is no cost to start a child on the LeapFrog Learning Path, and parents may set up accounts for up to 10 children.

About LeapFrog Canada

LeapFrog Canada is a subsidiary of LeapFrog Enterprises Inc., a leading designer, developer, and marketer of innovative, technology-based learning products and related proprietary content, dedicated to making learning effective and engaging for all ages, at home and in schools, around the world. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Emeryville, California. LeapFrog has developed a family of learning platforms that come to life with more than 100 interactive software titles, covering important subjects such as phonics, reading, writing, math, music, geography, social studies, spelling, vocabulary, and science. In addition, the company has created a broad line of stand-alone educational products for children from birth to 16 years. LeapFrog’s award-winning products are available in six languages at major retailers in more than 35 countries around the world

LeapFrog Canada began operations in 2002, with offices in Oakville, Ontario. LeapFrog Canada has received more than 30 awards and accolades for its products, including recent awards: 2006 Canadian Toy Testing Council Energizer Toy of the Year: FLY Pentop Computer, Children’s Choice Award: Learn-Around Playground and Today’s Parent Seals of Approval for Little Leaps Grow-With-Me Learning System and Bilingual LeapStart Learning Table. More information about LeapFrog Canada and its award-winning product line-up is available at http://www.leapfrog.ca/.


In honour of the launch of The Learning Path, Leapfrog has agreed to give away a set of Counting Maracas from the Bilingual Collection to one lucky Canadian.

The Counting Maracas are for ages 6 months to 3 years and I can personally vouch for them as I happen to have a pair from a previous Christmas. My daughters (35 months and 18 months) love them, especially when we first got them. They count in English or French or Say the Colours or make music. One has all the settings and lights up as it’s shaken and the other just makes a shaking noise. I’ve had the toy for over a year and the batteries have not died on me yet.

To enter, you must be Canadian and you must have an address that doesn’t include a P.O. Box.

Simply comment on this post to be entered. Make sure that either your email address is accessible from your Blogger Profile or you leave you email address like this (yourname AT yourprovider DOT com) If I can’t contact you, you can’t win.

That’s it! No extra entries for referring someone, stumbling this post, subscribing etc… but of course you are welcome to!

Contest closes November 21, 2008 at midnight EST!

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