Photo Meme

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This meme has been going around and a few blogs I’ve read said to just tag yourself so here goes.


The rules are simple – post the 4th picture in the 4th file of your ‘My Pictures’ folder

Technically this isn’t from My Pictures but from Shared Pictures. The 4th pic in 4th folder of My Pictures was just a logo for a reading challenge I belong to. The Shared Pictures is where the actual PHOTOS are.
Anyways the mommy dog is Essence and these are just 3 of 9 puppies. Essence passed away July 06 and the puppies are now 4 years old.
So I’d like to tag my brother Tony but I don’t know where the link to his blog is right now.
Also Candid Karina if she hasn’t already done it. I don’t see it.

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