Creative Outfits (PBN Contest)

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Parent Bloggers Network is having a special giveaway for a Polly Pocket Pop and Swap Fashion Frenzy Superset.

To enter, I need to share with you at least one crazy outfit that my kids have come up with on their own.

My 2 1/2 year old Morgan loves to put things on that don’t usually go together. One I can think of right now is when she went around the house in one sandal, one dress shoe, a diaper and a winter hat. That’s it.

Another one is socks, a diaper and the top half of a two piece bathing suit.

Unfortunately I never got a picture of the first one, which was the funniest looking. I have a pic of the second.

Be sure to go to PBN blog listed above to find out how to enter for yourself. HURRY!

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