Blogtations 500th Party!

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Blogtations is a great blog that features quotes from all different people on all different topics. Blogtations is having a party for it’s 500th quote. They are at 449 so it should be pretty soon!

In honour of the party, they are having a giveaway! You can find the details here but basically you post your favourite quote on your blog and link back.

Since I just came upon this blog, I am not familiar with them and unfortunately I don’t have time to read all 449 but I perused a few favourite topics and came up with some ones I really enjoyed. Here are a couple for your enjoyment:

In regards to S*X:

Here is the thing, son. I need to find a way to explain this so you will understand why it’s important to knock. So, I’ll be blunt. A lot of the time that Mom and Dad are in their bedroom, they are NAKED. Not only NAKED, but Mom and Dad also like to KISS while NAKED. We like to KISS NAKED A LOT. If you are going to keep barging into our room without knocking, I need to let you know that there is a very good possibility that you are going to see a lot of NAKED KISSING. Unless you knock. Then we have time to not be NAKED and stop KISSING.
~Loralee’s Looney Tunes

On Housework:

You and I may have different ideas about what exactly “bite the bullet” means in the context of house cleaning. To you, it might mean setting aside an entire day to clean the hell out of your house: scraping dried pancake batter from the ceiling, vacuuming up cat toys, and shoveling out the dust from behind the sofa. To me, “bite the bullet” means finally just bending down and picking up that piece of green pepper on the floor instead of kicking it out of my way 100 times a day.
~I Do Things So You Don’t Have To

My husband cleaned the bathrooms, God bless him, but broke the toilet seat off one of the toilets. How is this possible? Broke an entire toilet seat off its hinges? Men, if you’re going to help clean the house, don’t do it in the manner you would, say, play football. Cleaning a toilet needn’t be a race nor a destructive act. It just needs to be wiped down — gently.
~The Junk Drawer

Okay so there are tons of great ones. Those two housecleaning ones are so funny. The first housework one is so like me. As for the second one, my hubby doesn’t break things while cleaning (the odd time he does anything) but he does seem to break things a lot while just using them. He’s broken 4 things in the bathroom!

Anyways, make sure you check out Blogtations!

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