Winter Bazaar – Week 2

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Welcome back! Hope all Canadians had a good Thanksgiving. This week I have some Halloween games to play with your kids. (if you have them!)

Ghost Toss

1. First you have to make the ghosts, it’s really simple! Take a kleenex and bunch it up. Put it in the middle of another kleenex and fold down to make a ghost shape (the bunched up one is the head). Tie a ribbon or elastic around to hold the head together. Add eyes and mouth with black permanent marker.

2. Now set up your game. Find three containers of different sizes and arrange them at one end of room. Stand a few feet away (about a foot for each year of age) and try to throw ghosts into buckets. It’s not as easy as it looks as ghosts float a bit.

3. If you want to keep score, make containers with smaller mouths more points as they are harder to get ghosts into.

Pass the Witch’s Broomstick

1. For this one you need a kiddie sized broomstick. A regular sized one will work but it’s harder to do. Even a pole will do.

2. Children sit in a circle and pass the broomstick while singing the song (see below.) When music stops, whoever has broomstick in his/her hand has to stand up and “fly” it around the circle while everyone else claps their hands. About two times. Then keep going. This way no one is actually out. Also anyone who drops it has to fly as well.

3. Song: Pass the Witch’s Broomstick, Round and Round the room. While the music’s playing, quickly pass the broom. Anyone is out, if the broomstick drops. Or the one who has it when the music stops. I know the tune but can’t find a clip of it online sorry. Just make up a tune if you want.

Till Next Week!

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