What I Believe: Children and TV

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I believe that used in the correct quantities and with the correct shows, television can not only not fry your child’s brain but enhance their intelligence.

I most certainly would never park my kid’s in front of the TV at all hours of the day or let them watch shows that aren’t age appropriate (with the exception of when they are too young to even notice what’s going on in the show.)

However I won’t take the TV away from my kids either. I don’t have anything against parents who do not own a TV, but it’s just not for my family. My daughter has learned new words by watching TV and asking what a certain thing is on the TV. After just 2 times of telling her what it is, she can shout out the name as soon as it shows on the TV. I will be using some educational TV shows as part of my homeschooling, just as we were shown the odd show/movie in grade and high school.

Most importantly though, no matter what I believe, I will NEVER tell you that you are wrong just because you disagree with me. There are many ways to do things and I know that what’s right for me is not necesarily right for you.

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